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The UN published a report accusing the rebels of the LRA have committed "crimes against humanity" in the DRC



The High Commissioner for UN Human Rights has published two reports Monday supporting the charges of "crimes against humanity" against rebel's Resistance Army (LRA) in DR Congo (DRC) and southern Sudan.

In these reports, the High Commission reported nearly 1,300 people killed in the two countries between September 2008 and June 2009, and many details "of systematic and widespread violations of human rights carried out by the LRA" against civilians.

These acts "may constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity by nature inalienable under international law," they explain.

The rebel movement, whose command of Joseph Kony is the subject of an arrest warrant of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes since 2005, began to be active in 1988 in the north of

Since 2005, its fighters moved into the extreme north-eastern DRC.

The Ugandan and Congolese armies have conducted in December 2008 to March, with the support of Southern Sudan, a major offensive that failed to capture Kony or neutralize his movement in this very isolated part of the former Zaire.

The LRA has multiplied attacks against civilians in the DRC, in the east of Central, and Southern Sudan.

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