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In view of good governance in the Congolese media

UNPC: 1700 Journalists have the green light for the job!kanyimbo.jpg

Soon the National Union of Congolese Press (UNPC) will publish the list of Congolese journalists before the end of January 2010. This list will take the names that have met the criteria for exercising the press in Congo. This news was reported by Mrs. Chantal Kanyimbo, President of the structure at the Training Workshop on: <<The Role of Journalists in the promotion of good governance Démocratique>> organized by UNDP Elai Circle of Gombe. This way of doing grooming aims to revitalize and give orders to the profession of journalism. The list will be published over 15,000 copies and will be transmitted in different structures, countries and embassies.

More than 50 journalists and media professionals attended for three days to follow the panel presentations and debatting on the topic of good governance for its promotion.
But this is not even close to easy. Especially as several heads and managers of media outlets continued to take journalists hostage.
We need a new impetus to the Congolese press to try to free themselves in this gulf gangrene Congolese journalists. The profession of journalism is a profession that appeals to the nobility. It must also be a question of support well structured and must cope with difficult socio-economic air.

To be continued.

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