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Message from Merry Christmas and New Year 2010 to all our readers

Pasteur88.JPGMessage from Merry Christmas and New Year 2010 to all our readers

For the year 2010, the Central Drafting Group Press EXPRESSION just presented his best wishes to:

-His Excellency the President of the Republic and Head of State;
The Prime Minister, Head of Government;
-To all Governors of Provinces;
-To all Journalists Press Group EXPRESSION;
-A Family NGBANGA;
-A Foundation Mzee Laurent Désiré Kabila;
-A Family KABALE;
-At the Association of Journalists for Peace;
-A National Union of the Congolese Press;
-For Journalists In Danger (JED);
A-League Youth Great Lakes;
-In Fan Club Tchatcho;
-To all journalists accredited to MONUC;
-Au Grand Hotel KINSAHSA;
A-Editor of The Journal Highlights Plus;
-A Magazine Editor Great Lakes;
-For the Faithful Church of Christ Our King;
-For the Faithful Ministry of Spiritual Warfare;
-Friends For Journalists Canal CVV;
And to all knowledge of near and far.

Let this year be your new source of blessings and longevity.
God opens Big Things that will open your horizons.
The blessing and the elevation and flood you they talk about you everywhere.




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