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Grand Sondage d'Opinion

Olive Lembe KABILA.jpgOLIVE LEMBA Kabila "Black Woman of the Year>>!

It is true that the Great Lakes Region had experienced strong pressure from insecurity before the late 20th and early 21st century. And the woman had trouble finding his place in society. Under the High Patronage of the 1st Lady of Congo Kabila Olive Lembe, black women of the world came together for "the Third International Conference of Black Women>>. Capital held in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo to end the month of November and early December last.

Recall that the Woman of the Great Lakes region had lost many skills following various acts of violations of human rights that she has sudden in the Region. Sexual violence perpetuated. To be sponsored and personally involved in several events of Gender, Family and Child on the Fight Against Violence to Women and Girls Mother of the Region. Today the slogan " 'I dénonce>> launched by the Congolese women through the Ministry of Gender Family and Child at the International Day of March 8, a day dedicated to women, this slogan was adopted the best in the Region Great Lakes>>.

These are great merits some great merits of the First Lady of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mrs Olive Lembe Kabila, who now after the major opinion polls we proclaim him "Black Woman of the Year>>.

To be continued.



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