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It was truly a Father

It was truly a Father

By me a month and the Congolese Congolese will remember the death of the Great Hero of the Congolese nation.
After having liberated the country May 27, 1997, the Congolese have unfortunately lost their father, January 16, 2001.
Mr. Laurent Desire Kabila was for this nation a father. Not only Congolese who inhabited the country, but also of the Congolese diaspora.
We remember his genius, expertise and political and economic performance by creating the Congolese franc was worth well balanced in the Great Lakes Region, by name but one example.
For the first time a black president stepped down, leaving no debts in his country. Mr. Laurent Desire Kabila. This despite the wars of aggression of neighboring countries that have divided the country at the time. M'zee Kabila had not crossed their arms to serve his people.
May his soul rest in peace.
That the land of our ancestors is favorable.
In this way we want your feedback on our site.
In the perspectives of the feast of the fiftieth anniversary of the DRC we want to know:
What is your point of view on political, economic, social and religious of the DRC.

To be continued.

The Expression.

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