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DRC: A group of Deputies launches new current in the National Assembly.


DRC:The current Master Puela Albert Fabrice move the National Assembly.

Here is a highlight of his blow to the Congolese National Assembly.
The current of the Honorable Member of National Master Puela Albert Fabrice holds the banner of constitutional democracy and swear to defend the just interests of the Congolese nation.

The Congolese people will have to return their rights institutions welfare (What is mostly socially given the vulnerability of other Congolese citizens).

Assemblée rdc.jpgThis requires people capable of defending their rights. We know that the DRC had passed the difficult times than other inhabitants of the Great Lakes Region have not yet suffered.

In this highlight of national reconstruction, it is necessary that all politicians are on the same wavelength.
What are the opposition and the mainstream. It is necessary that the country could have a budget that meets the development standards.
The only place and the only defenders of the population are electors or deputies.

To be continued in our next numeron (Interviene The Honorable Member of the Master Puela Fabrice Albert.


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