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SOS Kikwit

The Crees of the Honorable lumeya- Dhu -Maleghi


On Thursday, January 21 last, at the Plenary Meeting of the National Validation Final Report of the Economic and Financial on the examination in second debate, the law on state budget for fiscal 2010, the elected MP of Kikwit Honorable lumei Dhu Maleghi had sent an SOS to the people of this country.
It was reported at the August meeting that: The beginning of 2010, the city of Kikwit has suffered from bad weather that caused deaths and several natural disasters. In this sense it has appealed to Government to support the people of Kikwit that at least 1,200 people spent so far on the night under the stars. These rains have caused 12 deaths, following the wrath donations were registered over 100 toners and more than 675 houses washed away. We believe that although the Government of the Republic to help you integrate the vulnerable population that spends the night without substantial assistance in this city, especially as the President of the Republic His Excellency Joseph Kabila said in his last speech that
year is Social. We also believe that the international community through humanitarian NGOs will follow the steps.


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