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* The European Development Fund in 2009 disoriented or not?


DRC: European Union when the applicability to projects in DR Congo in 2009 ANE?

 kin sal.jpg

Photo Archive BBC.(Une des routes de Kinshasa)

NGOs are asking since the signing of a Memorandum of waiting on the material support under the Projects for NSA capacity building, equipment and human resources in the Congolese civil society, so far the matter is immersed in the

We know that the DRC is a country that experienced difficulties in the Great Lakes Region and it did not spare the civil society in this country ever reported a vulnerability in Central Africa.
Despite the signing of a Memorandum of waiting with Congolese civil society.
In this sense the great investigative reporters recorded the bells are a few members of local NGOs in Kinshasa who feel abandoned ....

More in the next few hours.




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