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RDC News

Honorable Amuri Serge denounced irregularities in the Office of the National Assembly.

Member of the Parliamentary Group of GPI (Group of Independent Members); Honorable Serge Amuri met with us to give his position on stopping or relaxation brisque parliamentary activities by the Office of the National Assembly.

The People's Palace is a place for all Congolese where elected representatives are working and make decisions.

But MPs do not understand anything! Taking the microphone in front of our courage, the great elector Amuri Serge game failing to follow the schedule by the Office of the National Assembly and other similar effects. According to our sources not listed: other national deputies learned the postponement of the plenary at the door of the palace of the people as they saw the stands or stands of exhibitors of APPA. Time is money. A delay has s'encaisser bristles themselves) the National Assembly following the internal organization of the Office of the National Assembly without consulting the full plenary of the electors or elected representatives.

AMP (Alliance for the Presidential Majority) begins to lose speed politics!

Everyone wonders if the GPA was disoriented its objectives. Things do not work in this component Honorable Amuri said Serge. Although it is part of the Alliance policy, he said aloud in our micro that some men are no longer what has been assigned by the founders of this movement.

The DRC is at the door of the Cinquantenaire, all Congolese and the world watches as we look.
The Head of State had dedicated this year (Year Social) for the Congolese. This vision was launched by President Joseph Kabila Kabange is an important time to change the data in the development of Rdcong.
He must speak with actions

It is in this sense that the Honorable Serge Amuri has launched several projects of irrigation water in the outskirts of Kinshasa to water for vulnerable populations around the Congolese capital.

To be continued.

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