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The open house days on Water in Africa: the importance of water in the world in the days to come

Governor Alphonse Ngoyi Kasanji more than Eagle providing

Under the patronage of the Minister for Planning, open days on the water have opened the doors last April 14 in the morning at the Grand Hotel in Kinshasa.
Speakers included the Governor of the Province of Kasai Orientale His Excellency NGOI Kasanji who had demonstrated competence in his statement that brought awareness of the hall on the importance of water.
The World Today breath at a rate of desertification. Several rivers stand out. It is urgent to keep what little remained. It also raises questions about whether the water consumed by people in third world drinking.

Faced with this situation, we ask ourselves many questions by the authorities of the 21st Century. But the chance that the Democratic Republic of Congo saw its strategic position between the two poles, it helps balance the beginning of this river.
In the detailed presentation is in our next edition.


Drinking water: an urgent global issue
Non-potable water is the 1st cause of death
Water is a fundamental global issue for the future
Each humanitarian disaster increases the risk to water
Access to drinking water, that's life and development
Access to Drinking Water: yes we can
A director of the NGO Solidarity said: "We now urgently need your attention.
we are all facing a real catastrophe silent
and the public do not know, while policy makers informed
do not take appropriate action Yes, we are already engaged in a real crisis
Global water. But if in France, Europe and in developing countries
oped, where the water resource is abundant, we are not
directly threatened, it is not the same in many countries
where 1.1 billion people lack access to drinking water (1) and where
2.6 billion do not have the means to basic sanitation (2

The consequences are dramatic because it is the leading cause
mortality in the world: unsafe water kills 8 million people
humans each year, 22 000 deaths per day (3), that is to say
15 per minute ... (4
Yet according to a survey (see p 4), only 10% of French know!
But this is not the result of any shortage, but the conse-
quence of a lack of systems for drinking water
and sanitation, lack of financial resources and a
appropriate governance.

A SOLIDARITY, we live for many years in
all countries where we provide emergency humanitarian assistance.
But how stand to see die before we as beings
humans (children and their parents) so that our world has
resources and tools necessary to avoid it?
Is this not collective failure to help people in danger?
Therefore we appeal to you because, thanks to information,
a real awareness of the citizens is possible.
This is essen-
conceivable to move policymakers.
We have heard enough speeches and stunts.
In 2004, the effort of the international community was 3.4 billion
worth of official development aid (over $ 1.5 million loan) (5)
less than in 1997! At this pace, the Millennium Development
Millennium (2000 - 2015) United Nations will never be achieved.
Today it is more speeches that we need, but
to take action.
That is why we are launching this campaign and this petition we
remettrons the President of the Republic in France, the President of
European Commission and the Secretary General of the UN.
More will gather more signatures and we will likely
to move policymakers to provide drinking water
and hygiene to all those who have not yet>>.



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