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Following incivisme Fiscal Congo Kinshasa: There is a risk of blocking the success of the end of HIPC process.

The ministerial posts and parastatal Finacières would form the basis of the failure


*Adolphe MUZITO must hit!

* The eyes of the world are on the DRC!

The story remains very bullish for the Congolese to prove that: some leaders who have lead this country have brought DR Congo to the door out of HIPC.

In this anniversary year for the Congo Kinshasa, country-continent all Congolese raise multiple questions about their future and the future of their country.

The President of the Republic had launched the 5 yards is a program of development.
But we will continue to denounce the blockages caused mainly by departments and institutions of generating state revenue.

The keynote address of the Head of state Joseph Kabila Kabange before both Houses December 6, 2006 remains immortal in the hearts of the Congolese.

50 DR Congo to want the election year: What a feast for the June 30, 2010? What assurance for this year's Social Congolese? Who's blocking the Congo Kinshasa?

In several provinces of the country: the Provincial Governors have split with the Assemblies. The pages of the newspapers are filled with assay that demonstrates the financial chicanery in the regulated financial or not reach into the bag. Soulless: Leaders need to strike.
Impunity continued to be mafic influence.
The population is at the door of trauma


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