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RDCongo: Paix et Sécurité

MONUC mandate in DR Congo to be renewed
May 17, 2010
The mandate of the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) will be renewed by the end of May, local press reported on Sunday.
Gerard Araud, head of a UN delegation, told reporters that the decision was
made after discussions with the authorities and members of the civil
society, as well as representatives of both local and international
organizations on the security situation in DR Congo.
"MONUC will not stay in DR Congo forever. It will be withdrawn when the
situation has become stable. At the moment, the security situation in DR
Congo remains fragile and therefore there is need to keep MONUC on the
Congolese territory," Araud declared.
He pointed out that the departure of the UN mission MONUC needs to be done
gradually in a peaceful environment.
"We are not talking about artificial time frames. We are acting according
to the reality on the ground," he noted.
The MONUC chief praised the productive discussions with the Congolese
authorities as well as the civil society.
 "The objective of our visit to DR Congo is to hold dialogue with the
Congolese authorities, the civil society, the population and Congolese and
foreign humanitarian agencies on the future of MONUC in DR Congo. And
according to these discussions, it is clear that the situation remains
fragile in DR Congo, even though we know efforts are being undertaken by
the Congolese authorities in collaboration with MONUC to bring about peace.
As a result, the withdrawal of MONUC needs to be done after appropriate
analysis of how the situation develops on the ground," Araud said.
The UN Security Council delegation arrived in Kinshasa on Friday with an
aim of holding discussions with different actors in the socio-economic and
political life in DR Congo.


Source: Xinhua/Expression-RDC

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