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Neema Sikatenda speaks in the name of Jesus Christ:
"I throw a challenge to the men of God who preach and have the magic ..."


Jesus Christ is coming soon.
This is true and we must be prudent and in the sanctification with the Blood of the Lamb of God who is Jesus Christ.
Everyone must know that "whatever the length of the night, the
day appears.
 God will ask the men of God to the report of their mission on earth.
It is time that God can use a power never experienced by the preachers and prophets in the world.
Elijah and Elisha were men like us. As a man God chose to deliver his people, it should also be defined by its Spiritual fruit.
A man of Congolese nationality God just pointed out to the world: The Prophet Neema Sikatenda with a firm faith in Jesus Christ is the savior of mankind.
This new rose again this morning in one of the Christian channels of Kinshasa.
Meets the Holy Spirit, as the Prophet Neema Sikatenda is his name (Neema: ... through the kindness of God) speak in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and warns men of God who have a foot in the work of God and the world at his feet in worship.
We will return.



voila un homme qui detient la puissance de Dieu

Écrit par : nurs | 19/10/2011

voila un homme qui detient la puissance de Dieu

Écrit par : nurs | 19/10/2011

vraiment jacques sikatenda il est un serviteur de DIEU.
Je suis aussi un serviteur .

Écrit par : joseph | 08/05/2012

j aime mon profete neema sicatenda

Écrit par : donald kasongo | 29/06/2012

je suis tres fier des miracles que Dieu opere avec son prophete Neema Sitakenda Jacques.

Écrit par : malaba | 13/08/2012

bonjour le monde moi honore mutobueji je sollicitte ce appelle d une bonne nom neema sikatenda.mes frere est soeur en christ cette homme eteint nomme de DIEU.

Écrit par : HONORE MUTOBUEJI | 25/08/2012

Moi honoremutobueji le savant du 21eme siecle. J'aime neema comme prophete

Écrit par : honore mutobueji | 29/11/2013

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