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View of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Congo: Successful ever recorded in Africa

Honor to Congolese President Kabila Kabange

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is at the door to turn the page black underdevelopment of its history. This on the eve of celebrations of the Fiftieth Anniversary of its Independence.
From June 30, 1960 to June 30, 2010 the DRC will total 50 years of Independence. The Congo has taken off with Joseph Kabila Kabange.
 Elites Congo, Patrice Lumumba Emery and others have reduced the rights of Independence in Congo Kinshasa.

This vision of developing the country has done Excellency Mr. Laurent Desire Kabila in Zaire liberated peoples then under the domination of the Mobutu dictatorship, and now comes to bear fruit in every nook and cranny of the country
Without doubt, the President of Democratic Republic of Congo, His Excellency Joseph Kabila Kabange wants to see their country take a new dress. logo.png
Everywhere: In Katanga, Province Orientale, Bandundu, Bas-Congo ... sites have become a priority.
This is an important time for cementing together the actions of developing countries that the President of the Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila has worked for the Congolese people who want change.

After one year the city of Kinshasa will have beautiful roads ever recorded in Central Africa through the yards of the Republic.

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