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This is :the Joseph Kabila saves MIBA

* 10 million dollars to mark a new tax rate in Kasai-Oriental

After all the winds that have succeeded in Miniere de Bakwanga, the head of state Joseph Kabila comes to save the general area of diamonds in Kasai-Oriental.
The check to U.S. $ 10 million has been recovered today. Tussie Ms. Christine told the head of state this Friday, August 27 when she received the check for 10 million U.S. dollars for minimum recovery Mining activities in the Bakwanga (Miba). For its part, the provincial governor asked the authorities to Miba transparency and rigor in the management of these funds.
Miba prioritizes the check through the certification of its reserves to a good control of their value.
According to the PAD Miba, this funding also allows the normal operation of the enterprise, with the firm assurance to produce two million carats of diamonds in the next twelve months.
For its part, the province of Kasai-Oriental seeks the involvement of head of state for proper management of funds allocated. miba.jpg
The governor said Ngoy Kasanji wait a follow-up "face shenanigans officials Miba usually based billing tool production, their inability to properly secure the production and especially the recruitment on the basis of patronage to MIBA
disadvantage and the working masses "
After the symbolic handing of the check, the head of state will visit the facilities of the SCIM, Congolese mining investment company.


















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