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Alerte Sur la Justice au Congo Kinshasa

Phenomaine Kuluna the door of his pendeson?

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Justice: Luzolo Bambi Goes to War against "white collar thieves"

( Congolese Minister of Justice, Luzolo Bambi has recently instructed the civilian and military justice to take up some particular cases involving politicians and officers to the army termed "Kuluna cravat" (Editor's note: white-collar thieves). This, as part of Operation "Zero Tolerance" initiated by President Kabila. These records shall include the management of funds celebrations of fifty years of independence of the DRC.
According Luzolo Bambi, justice must address several other issues.
These include:
• contracts sanitation roads of the city of Kinshasa

• Traffic on the 243 telephone code
• Management of the Board of airways and National Insurance Company
• the situation enrichment of certain officers of the army, etc..
These records, apparently sensitive, do believe in a certain opinion that justice will be a difficult task and it may be to stop political interference that undermine the judiciary.
The Minister of Justice Luzolo Bambi does not share this opinion. He instead invited the magistrates to their responsibility
Bambi Luzolo also points out that Joseph Kabila has invited the magistrates to obey only God and the law.
Luzolo Minister considers that the ball is now in the hands of the Attorney General of the Republic and its judiciary.
If there is a question, it must be addressed to the judiciary and not the policies, concludes Mr. Luzolo Bambi.


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