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WSP reassures a model for the future

We must protect the environment because the water that's life

On 14 September, he held a Great Training Workshop with experts on issues of Fixtures and Medium Term Development Perspectives of Public Policy of Water.

The Bonobo Room of the Hotel Venus had served for the conduct of its foundation.
With financial support from the World Bank, several leaders and local and national officials have responded massively.

The DRC is a country of enormous potential to address this situation that the world eats.
We talk about the water crisis everywhere.
DRCongo a great country has reserves of fresh water should be a lot of funding for conservation and NGOs working in the water sector should also benefit from the support of major financial institutions. Such as the World Bank to name but one.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, we addressed one of the experts of Water and sanitation program, Mr. Jhon H. DOYEN us light the main points that formed the Workshop.



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