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JEANINE Mabunda stifled by
questions from Senator Congolese

Master highlanders NYARUNGABO accurate than ever

* More questions to throw in the towel: Master NYARUGABO Month at war against fake and dangers that stand in the portfolio of the Congolese State

Evil is evil that even if everyone does it.
Democratic Republic has chosen to eradicate the unhealthy climate prevailing in the institutions that are controlled and regulated by the Ministry of Portfolio Congolese State.
This faith will fire must burn that?
Madam Minister's portfolio JEANINE Mabunda spent in a substantive questions to inform the Senators' views on the policy of the RVA.
A company that brings a lot of currency in our country.Nyarugabo.jpg
But in the corridors of the palace of the people elected senator for the Province of Kinshasa City, Maitre Month NYARUGABO addressed by the Congolese press has explained his dissatisfaction with the report answers given by the minister's wallet on the policy of the Board Airway.
There was no way to analyze or respond to the policy portfolio of the state.
A specific question should deserve a specific answer.

Replying to a question from journalists, Master Months NYARUNGABO explains "it is impossible to be satisfied by such answers that have nothing to do with the issue."
The questions are very abundant and specific: they relate to the effect, society, contracts and numbered dates. So we can not answer these questions with a global vision, a comprehensive policy: NO.
On the overall policy of holding: NO.
He added: "And so I have not been answered."

These same words were backed by Senator Jacques Ndjolé told reporters.



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