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Financial and budgetary policy in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Execution of Budget 2009: Blur and slippage of the Congolese National Government would be recorded.
Hon SHESHA denounces!
* The diversion of funds for recovery
* Over 60 billion Congolese Franc should be justified by the Congolese Government to the Lower House of Parliament.
* The motion of censure against the Congolese Government is at the door of the Office of the National Assembly headed by the Honourable Speaker.

Well, last Friday the honorable members of national parliaments have found the palace of the people close to the points on the implementation report of the 2009 budget by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The evil is that evil, even if everyone does it. But the struggle of a man is warned to eradicate the unhealthy habits that plague some companies. This situation is especially worse in Africa. African leaders should make a better system to solve the bipolar politics of the budget plan. Only elected representatives have the primary right to control spending.
It is in this sense that some members of the opposition and the majority have taken the lead in denouncing that "The implementation report of the 2009 budget was not all white. Before this microphone, the Honourable SHESHA although it is the majority did not want to leave in tips yesterday to Congolese and international press as she leaves the Palace of the People. According to the Honourable Shesha, in his statement to the press: This method is a reaction of desolation: corruption has become a commonplace. I am really disappointed as elected by the people "
This is alarming as confirmed by several national parliamentarians who are already asking for this post-election period of the responsibility of the Congolese people had left. It should put more water into wine: the Chiefs who had the burden to carry the 2009 budget will pass by then the test of fire. All united as one body, the number of signatures of members has reached the percentage of veto to challenge the Congolese government.

To be continued



Je suis fier d'avoir été Depute a cette période loin de toute complaisance et réellement au service du peuple

Écrit par : Bakambe Shesha Jacques | 16/08/2013

suis content de discuter pour la consolidation de la democratie dans notre pays, la R.D.CONGO

Écrit par : Bakambe Shesha Jacques | 16/08/2013

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